Marshweed Ensemble

MARSHWEED ENSEMBLE - live in the Berenice Cloud Chamber

Marhsweed Cloud Chamber Cover 10


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             April 24th, 2021


Marshweed Ensemble recorded this record at the Berenice house in NE Los Angeles in Nov/Dec of 2020, and it is largely made up of live tracks from the studio album "Marshweed in the Garden." Tracks 7 and 8 are bonus live tracks from a Berenice Halloween house show performance in 2018.

Being that winter 2020 was at record-high COVID-19 infection rates in our city, the live studio portion of this record was recorded as safely and as socially-distanced-ly as we could, with each musician in a separate room of the house, communicating via headphones. These sessions were a welcome respite to the isolation brought by the pandemic shutdown. We hope that this collection will bring you as much listening enjoyment as recording them did for us.

Marshweed Ensemble
Clay Chaplin - piano
Heather Lockie - vocals, viola
Shawn Lockie - vocals
Laura Steenberge - vocals, acoustic bass
Mustafa Walker - drums
All words/music by Heather Lockie © 2021 Hairless Music (ASCAP), except Track 5, by Lyman Chaffee © Leather Hyman Music (ASCAP) and Heather Lockie.
Arrangements by Marshweed Ensemble
Recorded by Clay Chaplin at Casa Berenice Recordings
Produced by Heather Lockie and Clay Chaplin
Mastered by Daniel Eaton at Little Castle Mastering
Album artwork by Heather Lockie