MARSHWEED - Marshweed in the Garden

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             March 1st, 2017


Marshweed in the Garden is a collection of eleven original songs, artwork, and design by Heather Lockie.

Julia Holter says, “What a rich colorful album, and the text content is so unified around this imagery of growth and seeds and soil and creatures, pain and drudgery of life, beauty of life etc…”

Bobby Martin says, “Reminds me of a series of emotional firsts. There is a clarity within the eye of the vocalist who hasn’t let the evil of the world penetrate her shell. Not a drop of contamination…only buoyancy and brightness, shining so boldly in my ears it makes me look at the dark and the light within myself.”

Heather Lockie - vocals, viola, banjo, percussion, Juno
Clay Chaplin - synths, organ, Wurlitzer, Juno, mockingbirds, treatments
Laura Steenberge – vocals, acoustic bass
Joe Berardi – drums
Steven van Betten – acoustic guitar, additional vocals
Max Kutner - electric guitar
Alex Wand – classical guitar
Shawn Lockie – vocals
Sarah Hodges – flute
Kristín Þóra Haraldsdóttir – additional vocals
Jake Rosenzweig – acoustic bass
Jenica Anderson – marimba, vibraphone