Clay Chaplin




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          August 1st, 2017


Wake is an album based on field recordings. A few of the recordings are creatively treated and others are presented in their original form. Each track has a water-based element within the soundfield.


Album Notes


Wake – reality emerges from a cloud

Pier to Pier – a walk on the Venice Beach boardwalk
Brush – nightly mouth filter
Cormorant – stereo microphone on a kayak
Storm, fence, oscillator, panes, vacuum – a rainstorm slams Los Angeles, a fence rattles, an oscillator cycles, window panes creak, and a neighbor’s vacuum is drowned out
Boats – a hydrophone captures toy boats in a small pool
Row – a brief hum inside of Mueller Tunnel

All tracks based on field recordings
Treatments and mixing by Clay Chaplin at Casa Berenice Recordings
Special thanks to Heather Lockie for brushing, rowing, and humming
Album artwork and design by Saul Alpert-Abrams
Casa Berenice Recordings - CBR000