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             January 1st, 2019


Mesh (2019) was an experiment in collaboration, improvisation, and sound led by Clay Chaplin. During the month of June 2018, a group of musicians from Los Angeles, Chicago, and Reykjavik took residence in a large, isolated house in the southern part of Iceland. Through experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration we created a series of recordings. Each collaborator was a unique musician, sound artist, and improvisor and brought their own ideas and influences to the creative process. The instrumentation was diverse and included modular synth, laptop, electronics, violas, voice, found objects, hurdy-gurdy, and viola da gamba. We did not have a set structure going into our work together but topical starting points included: droning, repetition, field recording, medieval folk traditions, chant, alternate tunings, acoustics, and a general blending of electronic and acoustic sounds.

Mesh performed at Mengi in Reykjavik on Thursday, June 28th at 8:30pm

Clay Chaplin - field recordings, laptop. instigator
Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir - viola, voice
Heather Lockie - viola, voice
David Paha - analog synth, laptop
Laura Steenberge - viola da gamba, trumpet, harmonica, voice
Mustafa Walker - hurdy-gurdy, percussion, harmonica, voice